Face Masks

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With the spread of this horrible virus people are beginning to feel uncertain and scared, myself included.

My father has recently had open heart surgery and is very vulnerable. I made him a mask as it made him feel just a little safer. 

This mask is not rated for disease control. I AM NOT advertising these as a medical measure nor will they prevent you from contracting this horrible virus but in some cases they can provide you with a small piece of mind. With the shortage of face masks within our country, these days something is better than nothing.

They are available in 4 sizes and many different prints and colours. Please also be aware that the 2 smaller children's sizes do not have 3 layers but only 2 for breathing purposes.

These masks are also available to be personalised, if you would like your business logo printed onto them please flick me a message when ordering through checkout.

Stay safe everyone and if you need someone to talk to you my lines of communication are always open and I am always willing to listen. 

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